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Range of Products

SEVENSTARS Extruders serving a wide variety of market areas including fixtures (windows, doors, garage doors), electricity and building sector based on customer needs.

Extrusion lines
for the production of profiles

The long-standing experience in plastic processing allows SEVENSTARS to ensure high performance and great reliability over time. SEVENSTARS single-screw and twin-screw extrusion lines allow producing rigid and flexible profiles with different weights and dimensions - from a few grams to several kilogrammes/metre, from a few millimetres to more than one metre width.


To complete our lines, you can find a wide range of Sevenstars modular accessories:

  • heads with machine control and fully thermoregulated, both inside and outside.

  • calibration and cooling benches

  • take off modules provided with local and remote PLC control

  • vertical cutter: suitable for profiles up to 300 mm

  • horizontal cutter: designed for production of wide flat profiles.

Profile Production Lines Video

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