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Plastic Granulator For ABS/PS/PP/HDPE/EPS pelletizing production line

Plastic Granulator For ABS/PS/PP/HDPE/EPS pelletizing production line Machine features:

The Plastic Granulator machine produced by our company adopts different screw designs and is suitable for the regeneration and granulation of a variety of plastics.

2.Screw barrel is specially hardened and very wear resistance.

3.Two-stage (mother and baby) exhaust type plastic extrusion can repeatedly discharge the gas generated after the material is heated

4.Both extruders are designed with filter replacement devices, , which will filter out the impurities in the material.

5.The pellets made by our machine are firmer, smoother and more pure.

6.Our plastic granulator is most suitable for regenerative extrusion granulation high pressure polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP), HDPE, LLDPE, ABS, polystyrene (PS), etc. Our plastic pellete making machine can process plastic film, plastic bottle, woven bag, washed plastic, post consumer or post industrial gross raw material, etc.

7.Some models are designed with reference to foreign technology and according to our international situation, and have been adopted by customers.

8.The plastic pelletizer layout can design “straight I” or "L-shaped"

9.15 years plastic recycling machine experience, factory directly full automatic waste plastic pelletizer machine.

10.Highest productivity and flexibility, low energy consumption, easiest operation.

Machine application:

1. ABS Flake

2. PS flake

3. PP flake

4. HDPE flake

5. EPS flake and so on

Machine parameters:

Mother and baby extruder machine configuration

(First stage extruder mother machine)


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