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Plastic PE PP PVC Crushing Machine

PE PP PVC Crusher Machine for Sale / Plastic Crushing Machine for Pipe

Product Description

1. mainly used to process the PVC pipe and PVC profile and others product.

2. The blade base and blade on the rotary roller can be disassembly .it is easy to clean and maintenance.

3.The main axis is drive by gearbox, its running very stably, low noise and strong power.

4.the material push feeding system is hydraulic ways ,its running very stably.

And our new generation combined shredder crusher can directly crush waste plastic into granules with size smaller than 10mm, it's idea recycling equipment for plastic factory.

Technical Standard

used PVC pipe plastic crusher

1,this series crushing machine is mainly used for waste plastic pipe shredding and recycling

2,have several types with different crushing capacity150-450kg/h

3,knife and blades crushing method,with good working efficiency,materials adopted 9CrSi,long working life,and slao it can be sharpened again

4,the size after crushing can be 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm accord your customers demands

SWP series crusher

Model SWP200 SWP400 SWP630 SWP800

Diameter of rotating balde(mm) 200 400 630 800

Rotating Speed(r/min) 870 500 480 380

Power(kw) 4-11 11-30 30-55 45-75

Aperture of feed(mm) 240*350 375*320 800*610 1000*710

Quantity of rotating balde(Pcs) 3 5 9 10

Quantity of fixed balde(Pcs) 2 2 4 4

Weight(kg) 300 980 1500 1800

Capacity(kg/h) 50-110 100-350 300-500 400-800

Detailed Images


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