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Plastic PVC Granulator machine

Product Description:

PVC pellets hot-cutting pelletizing line is mainly used to granulate the material of rigid PVC, soft PVC and waste PVC. It adopts die-face hot-cutting method, use pneumatic conversion and strong-wind blowing. The production capacity is from 100kg/h to 800kg/h. The precision of granulation is with good performance, high efficiency, installation and operation are easy and convenient.

Features of PVC hot cutting pelletizing line:

1. Advanced equipment, precise pelletizing and high producing capacity.

2. Conical double -screw extruder, very suitable to process PVC powder with high capacity.

3. Pelletizing type: hot-cutting on mould face, even cutting ensures good pellets shape.

4. Auxiliary machine: pellets cooling u& classifying.

According to customer’s materials formulation,we choose the screw with most reasonable structure,with the aim of reaching the best plastication status,as well as good material floating quality.

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