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Single Shaft plastic Shredder Machine

Feature of Single Shaft plastic Shredder Machine :

Adopted advanced technologies, this kind of machine can be used for shredding waste plastic products, plastic film, pipe and rubber products,

woven bags, fiber, paper, wood and some parts of electrical equipment. Such as waste lumps junks in the die, large plastic pipe, packing buckets and splints of the fork lift truck.

The customer can choose the satisfied model according to the size of the waste products and the capacity you want to get.

The machine is controlled by PLC system, the blade can be rotated in opposite direction, and also will close automatically if something unexpected happen, with very high safety service.

However, if you want to crush the rigid material, such as nylon, ABS, PC high-strength engineering plastic, please kindly mention about that.

Single Shaft plastic Shredder Machine with its parameter:


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