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Glazed tile extrusion line Ridge tile forming machine

aw material & Final product:Glazed tile extrusion making machine

Raw material & formulation Bottom layer: PVC powder, CaCO3, CPE, PE-WAX, Stearic acid , Compound stabilizer ,ACR, paraffin.

Surface layer: ASA granule

Description final product & Output Two layers PVC+ASA Co-extrusion Glazed tile;

Output:300-400kg/h(Depending on CaCO3 proportion)

Final product Main tile:1set

Two layers PVC+ASA Roofing tile;

Width:720/880 /1040mm,Thickness: 2~3.0mm;

Wave distance:160mm; Wave height:28/30mm;

Wave length:220/250mm

Ridge tile:4sets

Machine list:

No. Machine Qty.

1 Screw loader for extruder 1set Glazed tile extrusion line

Ridge tile forming machine

2 Conical twin-screw extruder(PVC) 1set

3 Vacuum loader and drying hopper 1set

4 Single screw extruder(ASA) 1set

5 Extrusion mould and distributor 1set

6 Embossing roller 1set

7 Temperature controller 1set

8 Glazed-tile forming machine 1set

9 Cutter 1set

10 Stacker 1set

11 Ridge tile Oven 1set

12 Ridge tile Forming machine and ridge tile mould 4set

13 Screw loader for Mixer 1set Auxiliary equipment

14 Mixer unit 1set

15 Crusher 1set

16 Pulverizer 1set


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