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PC Hollow Sheet Extrusion Production Line

Application of PC hollow Transparent sheet

Lighting ceilings for office buildings, lobbies, emporiums, gyms, recreation centers and public utilities

Weather sheds for stations, parking lots, bowers, corridors of waiting rooms

Safe lighting materials for airports and factories

Tents for modernization agriculture and aquaculture, and velariums for indoor swimming pools

Sound barriers for expressways and urban bridge roads

Guideboard advertisement, electric spectacular and exhibition arrangement

Indoor partitions for offices, private residence, domestic bathrooms

The PC hollow corrugated sheet extrusion machine using high-speed energy-saving stable screw, yield increased by more than 25% compared to similar products; special design calibrating device, each individual control; specific temperature control device, reduce heat shrinkage, simple operation; the traction roller can be customized to increase extension; according to different requirements of the single side or double side UV layer co-extruded; the unique design of die head with different wall structures and the wall thickness can be customized.

We have developed a new type of calibrating system that can ensure a faster production line speed and a higher surface quality of the sheet. Other specially designed screw and metering melt pumps make the output more stable, even if a large number of recycled materials can be added to ensure stable production and high product quality. After installation and commissioning of the equipment, our company is also responsible for the after-sale commissioning, until the normal operation of the equipment, the project can be used as a turnkey project.

Item PC Hollow Sheet

Product thickness range 4mm-6mm-8mm-10mm-12mm.

Product width range 700/1050/1220/2100/2400mm

Max output 350/500kg/h

double wall/triple wall/multiwall polycarbonate pc Hollow sheet extrusion line

Part 1 Introduction:

This polycarbonate hollow sheet extrusion line realizes continuous production of PC hollow grid sheet, which is applicable to construction decoration, advertisement collocation, and noise insulation of highway as well as packaging. It is characterized by light weight, high intensity,high transparency dampproof, and anticorrosion.

The technology of hollow sheet die with co-extrusion feed block to get UV+PC+UV, UV+PC hollow sheet can save 30% UV on the surface.

PART 3: This line consists of :

Item Description Data

1 SJ120/35 Single screw extruder with stainless steel hopper 1 set

2 Screen exchanging unit for PC 1 set

3 Melting gear pump for PC 1 set

4 SJ45/30 Single screw extruder for UV layer 1 set

5 Melting gear pump for uv 1 set

6 T-type Die head (2100mm*4-6mm) 1 set

7 Vacuum calibrating board 1 set

8 cooling table 1 set

9 The first haul off machine with 12 rollers 1 set

10 edge cutting device 1 set

11 5000mm oven 1 set

12 Corona treating unit 1 set

13 up and down sides, double position film laminating device 1 set

14 The second haul off machine 1 set

15 Tranverse cutting machine (length-settled) 1 set

16 material conveyor+6000mm discharge table 1 set

17 electrical cabinet 1 set

other accessory machine parts

18 500kg mixing and drying machine 1 set

19 AC-25 water chiller 1 set

20 15kw air compressor 1 set

21 sheet crusher 1 set

Part 4: Applications:

PC hollow sheet is widely used in construction sunroof in buildings/halls/shopping center/stadium/public places of entertainment and public facility; Ring shield of bus station/garages/pergolas/corridors; noise barriers for highways and urban elevated road


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