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Plastic PVC Composite Roof Tile production machine

Plastic PVC Composite Roof Tile production machine

Machine name: Plastic PVC Composite Roof Tile Making machine

Finshed product : Plastic roofing , PVC composite roofing , Plastic corrugated roofing

Project Introduction Product features:

PVC+ASA glazed/corrugated composite resin tile should be the IDEAL REPLACEMENT of conventional asbestos and metal G.I. sheets which are not resistant to corrosion and weather under the high cost and short service life.

This new PVC composite roof tile production line adopted advanced multilayer CO-EXTRUSION technology which well combine the different functions of raw materials(PVC+ASA) so that the tile can be anti-corrosive, fire retardant, eco-friendly, more durable, tenacious, easy to install and move, light weight as well as cost effective in installation (as less steel and less overlap), as per the efficiency and benefits it provides.

Apart from its numerous benefits, its salient features include heat insulation up to 35% (highly energy efficient) and it can withstand temperature up to 70 degrees Celsius to - 40 degrees Celsius which is very much suitable for YOUR MARKET.

Product application: Plastic Corrugated tile are used for Roofing, can be used for factories, warehouses, sheds, farmers market, hoardings, walls, temporary shops, sheds and other very suitable insulation


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