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PP hollow sheet extrusion Production Line


The PP hollow sheet making machine is applicable to produce PC,PP,PE hollow profile board. The products is used widely for

building, decorating, advertisement laying, road noise isolation and packing. PP hollow profile board can instead of carton which

have feature like light weight, high strengthen, moisture-proof, antisepsis.

PP hollow sheet extrusion Production Line Features:

1. The vacuum calibrator featured with wear-resistance, dirty free and the lifting, falling and leveling for the forming plates is much easier to be controlled.

2. High speed screw, low energy consumption with high rotation speed to match gear pump and stable pressure; output capacity is 25% higher than other brand extrusion lines. because of special design of forming plates.

3. Special designed cooling system for all section of forming plates, and unique designed vacuum system for each section of forming plate.

4. Special designed temperature control oven with cross heat shrink forming, which is much easier to be controlled than other brand extrusion lines.

5. The softness of pull rolls could be customized on request to extend its stretch.

6. The air capacity of hollow sheet and low pressure could be adjusted and controlled slightly, which is easily to be controlled than any other brand extrusion lines.

7. Unique T-Die made by JC Times is specially designed for PP hollow sheet. The thickness of hollow sheet could be from 2mm to 10 mm with twin-wall. The ribbed between walls could be rectangular and diagonal shape.

8. Anti-UV co-extrusion layer could be one sided or two sided, outer surfaces could be sandy or glossy according to configuration requirement.

High percentage of recycled flakes could be mixed with the virgin materials.

Extruder model Φ100 Φ120

Product width 1300/1500mm 2100mm

Product thickness 2-12mm 2-12mm

Motor power 110kw 132kw

Capacity 250-300kg/h 400-450kg/h

Our Service

a) Provide on-site installation instructions

b) Responsible for on-site commissioning of equipment (users provide room and board for commissioning personnel

c) Responsible for pre-employment operation and maintenance training for the demand side personnel

d) Long-term guarantee of spare parts supply

e) Long-term technical advisory services


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