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haracteristics and functions of products

PVC Celuka Foam Board Producion Line has such characteristics as sound separation, sound absorption, heat separation, temperature -keeping, etc.

The material is incombustible and safe for use.

All series of products have properties of moisture proof, mildew proof, water resistance and vibration resistance.

All series of products have properties of weathering proof, its luster is not easy to be ageing and remain forever.

This product is light and convenient for construction, storage and transportation.

This product can be worked with normal tools for wooden material.

This product can be conducted like wooden material in drilling, sawing, nailing, planning and bonding.

PVC Foam Board Producion Line applies to thermal shaping, thermal bending and fold processing.

PVC Celuka Foam Board Producion Line can be welded and also bonded with other PVC material.

The surface of this product is smooth and can be printed. (Clean the surface before printing.)

Sheet standard thickness: 2-40mm Sheet standard width: 915mm/1220mm/2050mm


Transport industry: ship, plane, bus, train, floor covering, core layer, indoors decoration plate

Architecture decoration industry: outdoors plate, indoors decoration plate, residential house, office, separation of public building, commercial decoration frame, plate used in dust-free room, ceiling plate.

Advertisement industry: screen printing, computer engraving, ad. board, exhibition plate, logo plate.

Industrial application: rot proof project in chemical industry, thermal shaped part, plate for refrigeration warehouse, special cool-keeping project, environmental protection plate.

Other applications: construction mold plate, sports apparatus, aquaculture material, seashore wet-proof facility, water-resistant material, arts material and all sorts of light separation plate.

PVC foam board also named Snow board and Andy board, the chemical component is polyvinyl chloride, also can be named foam polyvinyl chloride board. PVC Semi-Skinning foam manufacturing technique is combine free foam technique and semi-skinning foam to develop new technology, this equipment have advanced structure、simple formulation、easy operation etc. features.


1. Advertising board, light box: 0.3-0.4mm density, thickness: 20mm

2. Cabinet board, bathroom board, furniture board: 0.6-0.7mm density, thickness: 20-25mm

3. Floor: 0.8-0.9mm density, thickness: 6-7mm

4. Door panel: 1220mm, 2440mm Thickness: 30-35mm

Extruder 80/156 80/173 92/188

Capacity 350kgsh 550kgs h 650kgs h

Size of board 1220mm 1220mm 1220mm

Thickness 3-25mm 3-30mm 3-30mm

This Hot Stamping Machine is mainly suitable for PVC ceiling panel, PVC wall panel, WPC cabinet board, PVC foam board, WPC wall board and other plate surface pattern hot stamping, it uses the high temperature transfer principle, through heating up pressure transfer the film with pattern on the surface of board or panel.

This machine adopts Omron temperature control system to control the temperature, the pressure adopts the lifting structure supply method, the transmission method adopts the silica gel roller or belt transmission, so that the film mulching process is simple and easy to use, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Main Features:

1. The transmission system adopts Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, it has the advantages of energy saving, consumption reduction, smoothly speed and automatic tension control with the extrusion speed.

2. This machine adopt imported silicone roller. It’s wear-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, simple and convenient to clean rubber residue.

3. It has unique auxiliary heating device, which is suitable for different climatic temperatures in different regions.


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