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PVC skirting extrusion Production Line

General description:

1、Product size: PVC skirting profile According to confirmed drawing

2、Main Material:PVC powder, caco3 and chemical additives

3、Extruder type: SJSZ51/105 conical twin screw extruder

4、Output capacity: 80-150kg/hour (SJSZ51/105 Conical twin screw extruder)

5、Cooling water temperature: <15℃;Air pressure: > 0.6Mpa

6、Electric power supply: 3phase, 380V;50Hz

7、Production flow:

raw material(PVC resin, process aid, filler) mixing →Extruding & Molding→ Vacuum Calibration and cooling →hauling off and cutting in fixed length→ final PVC window or door sections (or Lamination with PVC film → final PVC window profile )

8. Production occupied area: about 35m*4m*5m(L*W*H) apply for one line

PART I Introduction of each machines

No 1. SRL-Z200/500 hot and cooling mixer units

1. Application:

Mix raw material

2. Output: ≤350kg/hour

3. Equipment components:

① hot mixer

② cooling mixer

③ autoloader

4. Features:

PVC skirting extrusion Production Line Mechanical parts:

Pot body adopt SUS304 stainless steel which has very good smooth and rigid surface with features of wearable, corrosion resisting,heat resisting, no-stick with raw material

Hot mixer cover material adopt ZL102 casting aluminum with polished surface

Hot and cooling mixer open adopt cylinder pneumatic drive; the main shaft of hot and cold mixer adopt NSK brand which has features of reliable stable working performance.

Hot and cooling sealing adopt silicon rubber sealing with reliable sealing effect and not deformation even at high temperature.

Stirring paddle past dynamic balance testing which lower noise and improve lifespan


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