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Pvc Wall Panel extrusion Production Line

Pvc Ceiling Making Machine manufacturers

PVC wall panel production line making machine is applied to produce PVC wall panel with width of 200,250,300,400,600mm and thickness from 7 to 10mm.

Main Features of PVC wall panel production line:

1.High speed, double output than common PVC ceiling production line, greatly decrease the labour cost and electricity cost and manage cost.

2.Extruder adopts PVC ceiling dedicated screw, make sure best plastisizing effect

3.Extruder speed and haul off speed controlled by ABB frequency converter, saving power and easy adjusting speed

4.Extruder temperature adopt PID control, temperature fluctuation self adjusting, it realize the high automatic level

5.The caco3 filler can up to 300phr, formula cost is greatly reduced.

6.Equipped with infrared tracking device which can eliminate the problem of fluctuation of extrusion flow rate, further can make sure get best product

7.Lower power consumption,it can save 25-30% electrical power consumption comparing with most kind PVC ceiling production line.

8.With online hot stamping, easy operation, saving labour.

Model of high speed PVC wall panel production line:

Model SJSZ48/118 common SJSZ55/120 common SJSZ55/120 high speed SJSZ65/132 high speed

Applicable product width 200-250mm 200-250mm 200-300mm 20-600mm

Extruder model SJSZ48/113 SJSZ53/128 SJSZ53/128 SJSZ65/132

Capacity(kg/h) about 2200(about 800 square meter/24h) about 3000(about 1200 square meter/24h) about 4000(about 1600 square meter/24h) about 8000(about 3300 square meter/24h)

Main motor power(kw) 15 22 22 37


1.What's the Warranty?

One year since installation completed. In the warranty period, in case any parts broken by uncontrolled factor, we will be responsible and send the parts immediately by courier or air cargo.

2.How to install the machines?

Upon customer's requirement, we can send technician to customer's factory for installation and training. Meantime, we can also send experience Chinese master to work at customer factory for 3 month

to one year or even longer time. So the Chinese technician will install machines, teach local workers about machine installation and operations and so on.

3.What kind payment terms?

We can accept multiple kind payment terms, like T/T, LC,D/P(advance payment required) etc.


1.professional service team to provide comprehensive service to customer.

2.we only use top brand parts for machinery both on electric and mechanical parts experience in the filed of PVC extrusion machines and surface finishing machines with more than 24 years experience

4.provide turkey solution from A to z including supply materials and sending Chinese master to work at customer factory

PVC ceiling Panel Hot Stamping Machine is mainly suitable for PVC ceiling panel, PVC wall panel, WPC cabinet board, PVC foam board, WPC wall board and other plate surface pattern hot stamping, it uses the high temperature transfer principle, through heating up pressure transfer the film with pattern on the surface of board or panel.

This machine adopts Omron temperature control system to control the temperature, the pressure adopts the lifting structure supply method, the transmission method adopts the silica gel roller or belt transmission, so that the film mulching process is simple and easy to use, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Main Features of PVC ceiling Panel Hot Stamping Machine:

1. The transmission system adopts Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, it has the advantages of energy saving, consumption reduction, smoothly speed and automatic tension control with the extrusion speed.

2. This machine adopt imported silicone roller. It’s wear-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, simple and convenient to clean rubber residue.

3. It has unique auxiliary heating device, which is suitable for different climatic temperatures in different regions.

Features and application

1, The equipment adapts to various formulations, the ratio of calcium can be increased up to 50%--250%, while the required accessories can be reduced by 30%.

2, the ceiling the extruder products has an exquisite appearance and uniform plasticization.

3, laser tracking eliminates problems regarding the extrusion flow rate, whichelps achieve automation of the entire extrusion process.

4, The PVC ceiling extrusion machine has auto-alarm functions in case of emergency, through the use of PID controller.

Which is mainly used in the area of pvc ceiling, integrated ceiling, luggage board, ceiling corner etc. The equipment consists of conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum shaping table, tractor, cutter, and stacker. It has high-techlaser tracking device exclusive, to ensure not only extrude pvc ceilings with high quality and output also greatly reduce the cost of production, which get appreciations from customers.


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