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UPVC Window And Door Profile Extrusion Line Machine

65/132 UPVC Window And Door Profile Machine Profile Extrusion Machine

65/132 UPVC window and door profile machine is applied to produce UPVC window door profile with 80 sliding series and 60 series casement window and door. The capacity of UPVC window and door profile machine has high capacity up to 4500-5000kg/day.

The machines we can supply including:

- UPVC window door profile extruder machine

- PVC mixer

- PVC crusher and pulverizer

- water chiller

-air compressor

- PVC film sitting machine

- lamination machine

Features of PVC window and door profile making machine

1.speed controlled by inverter, saving power and easy to adjust speed.

2.extruder temperature controlled by Omron intelligent controller, the temperature can be adjusted 3.automatically.low power consumption: minimum total production line consumption is 25kw/hour,

economical price, it's suitable for large scale investment.


Model 51/105 55/110 65/132

Extruder SJSZ51/105 SJSZ55/110 SJSZ65/132

capacity per 24h 2200kg 3000-3500kg 3000-3500kg

Motor power 15kw 22kw 37kw


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