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PE-RT Pipe Extrusion production Line

PE-RT Pipe Extrusion production Line Main Technical Features

• SJ65X33ASingle Screw Extruder: SIEMENS micro-computer control system.

• SJ25X25 Single Screw Extruder: Specially used for co-extrusion of 1-4 color stripe(s).

• Double cavity Die Head: Lattice basket type and spiral type die head for choice.

• ZDL63-9 Vacuum Tank: Adopting nylon half moon panel for good pipe roundness in high speed.

• PLX63 Spray Cooling Tank: Nozzles can make high speed vortex spray to good and even cooling on pipe surface.

• QY63 Belt Haul-off:Up-and-Down belts are specially used for hauling small pipe in high speed. Haul speed: 0-25m/min.

• QG63Dust-free Knife Cutter: Using annular knife cutting structure, realizing dust-free and low-noise cutting in high speed.

• JQ-63 and JQ32 Double disc Winder: frequency-conversion motor control, automatic alignment device. Winding speed 0-25m/min.

Main Technical Parameter

Model Pipe Range(mm) Haul-off Speed(m/min) Total Length(m) Output Capacity(kg/h) Total Power(kW)

PE/PE-RT Φ16-Φ63 2.0-25 42 200-250 110


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