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Soft PVC hose extrusion Production Line machine

Characteristics:PVC garden hose making machine

PVC fiber hose extrusion machine

Soft PVC hose extrusion Production Line

Qualified high-strength fiber-wire, resistance to high pressure

Corrosion and abrasion resistant and Anti-UV, with much longer life

Without odor, free of harmful plasticizers and heavy metals

Light and flexible, convenient for moving

Application fiber reinforced hose/pvc soft pipe /pvc garden pipe hose:

Flexible fiber reinforced hose/pvc soft pipe /pvc garden pipe hose are widely used for irrigation and washing in the parks, community centers, factories and families.

Irrigating gardens or parks and for washing purpose

For gardening, car spray washing, floor cleaning and other daily-life uses.

What is the feature of our PVC firber reinforced Hose production line

1. High efficiency singel screw extruder

2. It can produce PVC garden hose or pvc soft hose

3. The thickness is from 2mm to 6mm, diameter is from 10mm to 50mm

4. This pvc hose is mostly used as home, garden,farm, lawn and so on.

Flow chart

Material mix inner --layer extrusion inner-- layer forming→ spray cooling→ haul off→ fibre winding→ oven dryness→ outer layer extrusion→ outer layer forming→ spray cooling→ haul-off→ printer→ winder

Steel wire hose extrusion machine

Description of pvc steel wire reinforced flexible water hose machine:

it is suitable to produce PVC spiral steel wire reinforced /hose Pipe. The wall of Pipe is transparent soft PVC with spiral steel wire inside.

PVC steel wire hose making line adopts high-efficiency single screw extruder to keep high speed and stable output. It has conveying feeding to save labors in the production process.

Main Advantages of pvc steel wire reinforced flexible water hose machine:

1. It is suitable for the conveying of high pressure or explosive gas and liquid, heavy suction and delivery of liquid sludge.

It is mainly used for chemical industry, building and vacuum pumps

2.If you want to print letters on the surface of the pipe, you can chose Ink printing machine or a spray code machine.Different models offer customers flexible choice.

The final products has two layers: one is PVC layer, insinde is steel wire.

With automatic design, it is easy to operate and stable to maintain long working condition.

Processing Flow of pvc steel wire reinforced flexible water hose machine:

Raw material+additive→mixing → granulating → conveying feeding → single screw extruder → steel wire forming machine → extruding mould → spray cooling water tank → belt haul-off → winder → finished product inspecting&packing


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